Stop Playing the Waiting Game

So, you want to be a nurse? That’s great! You enroll at a local college, do well in all of your prerequisite courses, and you apply to your college’s Nursing Program.

Unfortunately, the program is too small, you didn’t get accepted, and now you have an Associate of Arts in General Studies; but, you are not a nurse!

At Burnett International College, when you are admitted to the college, you are simultaneously admitted to the Nursing Program. You start on your path towards an Associate of Science in Nursing on Day 1. In the time it took you to get your A.A. in General Studies, you could have received your Nursing Degree from Burnett, getting ready for your licensure examination to become a Registered Nurse.

Whether you have a degree, some college credits, or have never been to college before, the key to your future just might be with Burnett! We are located at 2601 South Military Trail, West Palm Beach, Florida – the former location of Dade Medical College. Stop by, or call us at (561) 736-3998.

Stop getting caught up in The Waiting Game, and take the first step towards your future as a nurse.